Baby L's Birth

I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. 

As I laid in the grass, 20 weeks pregnant myself, hadn't really slept in a couple days, I just witnessed the most amazing birth story ever.  This birth ended with a C-Section.  That didn’t matter. 

Actually it did matter. 

This mother and baby needed that C-Section.  I’ve never seen a woman so close to the edge before.  We waited. Her blood was drawn every 4 hours. Waiting for just the right numbers.  

Her husband, so worried he was angry.  So worried, he didn’t know how to breathe, how to be there for her.  Her protector, that was his only role, to protect her on the spiritual realm.  Her strength, her real strength was also in the spiritual realm.  In her meditative space, she healed her liver, she gathered what she needed, she called it in, she rearranged it.  

I think we fired three doctors during that hospital stay.  “We need a different approach….next!”  We can be gentle and kind, we can be strong and very upfront.  Some might think we are a little too strong.  We wanted to be there, no doubt. 

We just demand decent bedside manner and RESPECT.  

For weeks we watched this mama like a hawk.  For weeks, something was off, but didn’t show up in the physical realm.  We were pushed up against the edges of the seen and unseen, until they became one.  Now, it was time for action. 

What can seem like not much going on, waiting around in one tiny hospital room for days, there was a lot going on.  We laughed, we cried, we waited, we worked, we tried to sleep, we stimulated nipples, we saw certain medications rarely used, used.  Nothing changed. 

Yet, everything was changing.  

She called in just the right doctor. Just the right exam. At just the right time. And the decision was made.  It was time. There was no more time.  

Danielle Haines | Midwife & BodyTalk Practitioner | Phoenix, AZ

Her placenta held secrets, all of which one ultrasound would have found. 

That mama and baby are here safe and sound, healthy and bonding.  That c-section saved their lives. Bless the surgeons.

Bless this mama/baby.