BodyTalk Sessions

What is BodyTalk?!

BodyTalk is an in depth modality that follows these core principles-

  • The body knows how to heal.

  • The healing system of the body is known as the innate wisdom.

  • The innate wisdom is also aware of our past, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, family patterns, environmental influences and our subconscious mind.

BodyTalk is an Eastern meets Western technique-

  • The body is not just our physical systems but also: mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and our energetic body.

  • Our complex systems work together by communicating. When there is a lack of communication in any relationship, there is conflict. Long term miscommunication leads to dis-ease.

  • The BodyTalk protocol is finding out where there are broken lines of communication and reestablishing the communication by releasing the blocks causing the breakdown. When the body heals a broken bone for example, it heals in a very specific order. When our body is allowed to heal and connect on its own, it will follow that same principle. It will heal in a very specific order.

The BodyTalk practitioner lets the body guide the healing-

  • We do not ask the client what they want to work on, we tune into the wisdom of the body and tell the client what their body needs to work on.

  • Symptoms, diagnoses and dis-eases are the tip of the iceberg. The tip is sticking out of the water. It is what we can see. By following the healing of the body, we actually get to the bottom of the iceberg and start to break it up instead of putting a bandaid over it. By breaking up the iceberg all together, we get deep lasting results.

  • A BodyTalk practitioner does not diagnose or give names to the dis-ease in the body. We are following the body and working with all levels of existence, as mentioned, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental bodies. To just give a name to a pain, or dis-ease will often not assist it to heal. We're going to the bottom of the iceberg here!

How many sessions will I need?

How deep do you want to go? Are you motivated to have a session because you are dealing with a chronic, long lasting dis-ease? Are you coming in just to check it out because your friend won't stop talking about it? Are you coming in to dig in a little deeper and release old patterns? Are you coming in to release blocks so your business runs better? Are you coming in to balance your emotions? Are you coming in because you desire lasting life-path changes? Are you coming in to have deeper more meaningful relationships? 

These are just a few examples of why someone might come in for a BodyTalk session. Now, to answer the question of how many...

Many people will feel a significant shift from their first session. Overall I see the best results when we give the body adequate time to heal some of the initial breakdown in the body-mind over 3-4 sessions. 

The important thing to remember is that your innate wisdom guides us to your next session. Your body will tell us when it's ideal for your follow up session. There is no such thing as a made up protocol of 3 times a week for 6 weeks kind of a deal. We ask the body. It will guide. 


In Person Sessions

A massage table set up in a private room. You lay down and relax through the session. It's wonderful down time with lots of deep processing. Dress as comfortably as possible so you can really relax. Whether you're coming straight from work or a yoga class, you'll get to sink into the table pretty quick. 

In person, you get the benefit of relaxing and hearing the information as your body is expressing and processing it. You also get to ask questions for clarification or further understanding. Many will feel a subtle energy shift while on the table. Some get a boost in energy right away, feel brighter in their eyes, lighter on their feet or like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Some will have a gentle emotional release, as the information that is brought up can be deep and profound.

Once we have all the information from the body, we tap on the body to seal the information in. 

We tap the head to say to the brain, "Wake up! You're the CPU of the body, time to reevaluate the health status of this bio-computer!" We tap the heart to say, "Store this by heart." 

The brain and the heart are very significant. You hear it in the cliches of our culture: "Are you thinking with your head, or your heart? The longest journey in life is from your head to your heart." 

There are many sciences and protocols that deal specifically with balancing the electromagnetic fields of the brain and the heart. 

When we tap on or over the body, we are creating a vibration, a wave form. When the heart beats, it's creating a wave form. The same wave form that the heart creates with each beat, is the same wave form that we create with tapping. Our heart is not just moving blood around! It's a feeling organ!! Have you ever heard bad news, and felt it in your heart? When we feel heartbroken, our hearts feel heavy like there is a pressure on it. Our heart has a very large electromagnetic field that it creates. It is a very intuitive system in our body. The heart picks up on the energy of other's electromagnetic fields and then tells our brain how to respond. So the heart senses it first, the brain reacts second. 

When we tap over these two areas, it gives the body the information it needs to reestablish the communication, to shift the energy, to release what is holding us back and to move FORWARD! 

You get to go on a journey with your innate wisdom, you get to hear the story your body wants to share and experience it all at the same time. 

Danielle Haines | Midwife & BodyTalk Practitioner | Phoenix, AZ

Distance Sessions

Wait.  You can do a session on me when I'm not in the same room?


When I'm not in the same state?


When I'm all the way across the country!? On the other side of the world? 


Let think about cell phones for a minute. How the heck do they work!? Satellites flying around in our atmosphere sending and receiving information and bouncing it back to our phones! What about Skype and FaceTime! Now we can with ease, see the images and faces of the person we are talking to!

How does a remote control work? Push an button, a signal is sent out and voila, our radio, television, car or other device responds?!

Well, our bodies are way more high tech than a phone or a T.V. Our bodies are the MOST complex, living computers on the planet. 

Have you ever thought of someone and then they call? Have you ever prayed or sent healing thoughts to someone that wasn't in the same room, state or country as you? We do this all the time without thinking about it, we can feel it. We instinctively know it works and that we can affect  others from a distance. 

A distance session works the same way. We tap into the innate wisdom of your body, do the session and call you with the details. Will you feel it? 

Most do.

Is it as effective? 

Yes it is.

Is it more or less effective than in person?

There is not a difference.

Why would someone want a distance session? 

Traveling. An injury that needs immediate attention. An emergency. An acute sickness. A person that moves out of state/country and wants to keep working with one particular practitioner. 

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