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Thermography Scan

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Title: Thermography Scans
Cost: 1st Breast Scan $156, Follow up Breast Scan $120, Half Body (upper or lower) $236 Full Body $316
Date: 4/24/18
Time: By appointment only
Register: Text Danielle at 602-373-0361 to schedule your spot
Title: Thermography Scans

Thermography scanning is a non-invasive way to look at the structures of your body.  I did the full body scan about one year ago and was blown away at the 8 page report that came back.  It was so thorough, it pointed out areas I was aware of that needed help (digestion, right knee pain etc...) but most importantly, it pointed out areas I was unaware of and even told me there were two areas I should see a doctor for.  The picture I posted below is just one of a bunch of pages of the images I got from my first scan.  See all that read in my head and face?  I wasn't aware of the sinus irritation that is obviously there until this scan, now I've been able to relate it to the headaches I get... Makes sense.  

When I first heard about thermography 15+ years ago, it seemed like this rare special thing you had to seek out, kind of like knowing a secret.  Now it's becoming more common and WE LOVE being able to bring it to the general pubic.  

The providers that bring the thermography scanning to their offices to offer it to their clients, normally get paid a percentage for promoting it.  WE DO NOT WANT THE PERCENTAGE, so it is rolled back into the price you pay, which means YOU ARE GETTING A DISCOUNTED PRICE!!  Because we care, we love you and it should be as affordable as possible.

Thermography is well known for scanning the breasts for abnormal growth in the breasts.  It works well with mammogram, if you are getting regular mammograms, or if you are not at the age you are considering regular mammograms, then this is an awesome screening tool and NO RADIATION.  Please note, its recommended you have two breast scans about 4-6 months apart, so they can see your specific thermal pattern.  Once that is clear, then annual scanning is recommended.  As I understand it, this technology picks up on tumors and growths really fast because they create heat...

Since we work with so many lactating women, please note if you are pregnant or nursing, the breast scan (the rest of the body scan is fine) is not as accurate until you have not nursed for over 3 months. 

If you have scheduled please note these things to prep:

Payment due at the time of your scan.  All forms of payment accepted

Text Danielle at 602-373-0361 to schedule your spot, it is filling up quick.

This date is scheduled about 100 days from the last time we offered Thermography scanning.  If you had your breasts scanned and are due for the second screening.  Please plan for this date and text Danielle to book your appointment.  Why is it recommended to have 2 breasts scans about 100 days apart?? Just like a fingerprint, each person's breast thermo pattern is going to look different.  To get a baseline of what your breast "fingerprint" looks like, its recommended to get 2 scans 100 days apart.  If all looks healthy, then the recommendation is yearly.