Danielle Haines, midwife


I found birth work, or might I say: birth work found me in 2002.  I started supporting my friends through labor and birth at hospitals as a doula.  I had seen hard births, beautiful births, and no matter what it always felt like we were walking into an unknown situation. We never knew who would actually be the on-call doctor, let alone how likely they would be to honor the birth plan desires.  Basically I never felt like I was in a powerful place to really help them, it was dependent on doctor's opinions and hospital policies.

In June of 2011, I found a teacher my calling to learn midwifery all in one birth - the first home birth I ever attended.    

My apprenticeship started in September 2011, with hands on training.

Midwifery is a way of life, a calling.  

To know I found a lineage of women taught by women to do women's work, reminds me daily I’m doing the right thing and on the right path.  Now I can support women powerfully!


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