Session Notes #1

Just as we speak in different languages - English, Spanish, German, etc. - the innate wisdom of the body has its own language. BodyTalk helps to discover the language that the innate wisdom speaks and taught me to speak that language.  My training taught me to apply concepts of how the WHOLE body works together, communicates to itself and how it heals being able to speak to it.

Session Notes #1 | Danielle Haines, Bodytalk Practitioner - Phoenix, AZ

Not only do I have the opportunity to facilitate other human’s personal growth, I get the beautiful rare chance to peek into their world, their universe, their make up, their story. 

Imagine the wisdom in your body that heals a broken bone, flawlessly.  It digests your food, separates the nutrition from the fiber, pushes the nutrients into the blood stream and then eliminates what it doesn’t need.  It knows your genetic story, who you are, it knows where your DNA came from.  It knows your thoughts, your fears, your belief systems, it knows why there is a disease process in your body, it knows what to do to prevent future diseases.  It knows your responsibility to your family line, to your children, to your community and to yourself.  It knows if you are on your path, or if your job and lifestyle is simply killing you.  It knows how your relationships unfold, and the patterns that come up in them.  It knows if you are storing emotions and childhood memories in your muscles, organs and other body parts.  It knows you are energetic.  It knows how to balance your chakras, your energetic meridian system and how open your energetic system may or may not be. I get to hear these stories.  

The language is fascinating.  It often speaks in images and concepts. Let me show you what I mean:

The body who described its healing journey this way…  She had been stuck in mud up to her pits.  She finally got out but fell to her knees.  She was able to walk over a bit and sit on a rock.  There were two paths ahead of her.  She doesn’t feel strong enough to pick one and walk it.  She doesn’t know how to ask for a hand to get up off the rock, yet family is surrounding her and willing to help.  She just has to ask.

Imagine feeling so hopeless that it feels like you’ve been torso deep in mud.  Imagine how hard it would feel to have just enough energy to pull yourself out and prop yourself up on a rock.  Then, knowing your paths lie ahead, you just have to be strong enough to ask for a hand, that is waiting for you.  

She came in because she wasn’t comfortable in her body, she never was.  Her body described it’s healing journey this way…. She was the daughter her mother never wanted.  There was a twin in utero with her that vanished.  Her mother’s body confused the energy of the baby she lost and the baby she was growing.  When she was born, her mother didn’t recognize her.  Her mother wondered who this baby was. Her body also described there was a baby before her.  I asked, if she had an older sister.  She said, “No, except my mom did have a still birth before me and it was a girl.”  This older sister’s fetal cells were in her body.  She was the daughter her mother never had.  She told me after the session that she always used to talk to an “invisible twin,” like an invisible friend, and she never knew why, until now..  Knowing this deep wisdom from her body helped her to understand why she never felt loved or wanted.

Imagine having a sense that you’ve never been wanted.  Imagine having a deep understanding that your mother didn’t recognize you at birth.  Imagine knowing there was a twin in utero with you, but she left and that has affected your life.  Imagine learning the truth and being able to move on from that holding you back.

She’s watered down, her feet are wrinkly from standing in two inches of water for years.  Her home is beautiful.  Every corner and nook is decorated and has it’s place.  Two inches of water in her home, at her feet, reflect the beauty, keeping her lost and unable to see clearly as to what is really going on for her, what is up and what is down. She finds a crack in the wall, she busts through it, the water drains.  She’s in a wet cave, that is really where she’s been the whole time.  She only has wet wood to start her fire.  She is now aware of what she has to do to get her fire started, she knows where she truly is, she can tell the difference between up from down.  Now the work begins to light her fire.

Imagine what it might mean to have your fire out.  Your spark is gone, your wood is wet.  You don’t even have an orientation to where you live.  You live in a dream.  Where the beautiful shiny things around you are reflecting so brightly, you don’t realize its fake.