Session Notes #2

Our body is physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and made up of our environmental surroundings too.  When we don’t know what to do next in life, when we don’t feel fulfilled or inspired about what we do and see everyday, when we have health challenges - we have the awesome opportunity to CHANGE that.

Knowing what needs to change first, how to get out of it, or what is even there causing it to happen is the tricky part. 

BodyTalk helps us to sort through these common dilemmas. Because the body is looked at so broadly, we get a chance to address all the aspect of the body. It knows how to heal, it knows what it needs to do first, second and last.  

When I was looking for a healing modality such as BodyTalk back in 2007, I found an emotional clearing based technique called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique).  I was traveling through the Northwest and stopped to see a chiropractor who had really helped a friend of mine through a huge transition in her life.  I wanted to see what type of work she did.  I knew she used muscle testing (kinesiology) to ask the body questions, and that the body would communicate back what it needed to release emotionally!   Within minutes of starting my session I was deeply moved to tears.  I felt like I was releasing grief from deep within my cells.  She gave me a tincture similar to Rescue Remedy and off I went. 

I knew from that experience I had more to discover.  

When I got back home to Phoenix, I started my search for someone that performed that technique.  I googled NET practitioners and a handful of people in AZ came up on the list.  As I read, John Schellinburg, I felt a chill run up my spine. I knew that was who I was to contact.  I called him, he said, “I do NET, but I just learned BodyTalk 2 months ago and NET is built in it as well as 15 + other amazing techniques.”  I was intrigued so I booked a slot on his “come listen to my BodyTalk speech” schedule.  

I really loved the concepts he shared.  The body knows how it needs to heal.  Instead of the practitioner or the client making an assumption about what needs to be healed, we ask the body.  Instead of assuming we’ll help them by just clearing the emotions, or just adjusting the spine, or just addressing the muscular system, we ask the body.  15 + amazing life changing techniques offered individually are all built into BodyTalk and we ask the body which ones it might need to heal.  There is no limit as to which techniques the body may use to clear the path.  It’s all up to the body.  The body decides what to do first, second, when the session is over and when it is ideal to come back.  The body makes it’s own protocol and treatment plan. 

After my first session my whole perspective on the life I was leading changed, immediately. I knew suddenly, I had been listening to my head instead of my heart.  What we are lead from is the path we take.  So my path was logical instead of heartfelt.  The relationship I was in, the location I lived in, the expensive car I drove, the college degree I was going for, were all constructed from my logical mind.  

Sessions Notes #2 | Danielle Haines, BodyTalk Practitioner - Phoenix, AZ

I loved seeing the truth.  I loved feeling what my heart wanted to do.  It wasn’t easy to make the changes though.  That meant that every aspect of my life needed to change, and they were big changes.  Relationship changes, career changes, way of living changes, friendships changing and self love increasing.  

Four months after my first session, I learned BodyTalk.  I wanted to know how to do what John had done for me, when he had only learned BodyTalk 2 months before I met him.  Luckily there was one instructor in AZ, and I signed up to take his class. 

There are many requirements to get certified.  Passing an oral test, a written test, taking the class a second time, doing a session on the instructor and handing in the notes of 50 written sessions.  Within a few months I was certified and on my way to renting an office and providing services.  

Within 6 moths of my first session, I moved out of my expensive house and rented a room, so I could downsize my life and get real.  I made friends with a few of the BodyTalk practitioners in town, so my social network expanded to people who understood what I did and what that meant for my life. I eventually moved my full time job to part time as my BodyTalk practice grew.  I had a deeper understanding of my path an my role in helping other humans.  It wasn’t easy changes, but the rewards were instantly available to me and my heart was smiling.