Session Notes #3

Each BodyTalk session is completely unique.  When I get the opportunity to work with someone session after session, we get to watch the whole story unfold. We get to talk about the progression of changes that the body will be making. 

Remember when I say “body” I am referring to a wholistic view of the body. 

The “body” is physical, all the physical parts, organs, hormones, parts and pieces of the body. The “body” is mental and emotional, this is why we can have mental diseases and emotional instability when something is out of balance for us. 

Session Notes #3 | Danielle Haines, BodyTalk Practitioner - Phoenix, AZ

The “body” is spiritual, this is our connection with the Universe, God, Infinite space and time, something that is greater than us, that we all belong to, are made up of, and are. The “body” is energetic, we have a Wei Qi field that emanates off our body and protects us, we have an aura, we have 7 major chakras that develop every 7 years, we have a meridian system, this is the system that acupuncturists work with and our heart creates a magnetic field that is extremely sensitive and intuitive. 

The “body” is made up of its environmental influences.  The people around us, the job we have, the state of our country and our world, what the planets, moon and sun are doing affect us.  These are examples of how we are one with our environment.  All of these systems make up the whole of our body, and they all work together cohesively by communicating with each other.  

The first two sessions of Sarah’s (name changed) sessions stand out to me.  How unique they are and how her body needed to organize this healing information.  The results she noticed were really on all the levels, she physically noticed a change in her allergies and she slowly was able to eat more foods she hasn’t in years.  She saw results mentally and emotionally as she had a better understanding of what happened to her mother, her own pregnancy and her role to her children.

Her first session started in her womb, her children, her pregnancies and followed through to her mother’s pregnancy with her and her grandmothers pregnancy with her mother.  The details are so fine.  It described what happened when her grandmother became pregnant, how she was young and confused.  How this confusion was passed on to her mother, who developed a disease when she was pregnant with her.  How this confusion moved on to her and why she also developed the same pregnancy disease as her mother.  Her body cleared this pattern, she was healing her maternal line and her womb. 

Her second session went on a trip down memory lane on her paternal side of the family.  He was adopted.  Dropped off in a sea port.  He never knew his way since he was a baby.  This really disturbed his mental body.  Her body was aware of his journey.  It knew his suffering and why she carried it.  Her body needed to clear her father’s line, for her healing and her children’s healing. 

To get ready for her next baby she isn’t aware even exists yet.