Session Notes #4

He’s a magic crystal wizard, his body says. 

“Did you know that I asked?” 

His curious reply, “go on.”  

Session Notes #4 | Danielle Haines, Bodytalk Practitioner - Phoenix, AZ

“You have different capabilities than most, you belong near water.  You get charged by water, it’s a conductor.  If you need to slow down and reset, you belong in the woods, on the earth. Imagine burying a crystal in the forest floor, it wouldn’t be able to do anything, just rest.  If you have things you need to do, which you do, you need to live near water.”

“I live near a highly charged area in Nevada, that is surrounded by water.  I knew I belonged there,” he said.

“Your the type of person that creates the new technologies like the neurophone, you know how to work with mathematical equations and vibrations.  Did you know that?  Do you know there are people out there just like you?”

“Well I create music that matches very specific frequencies of the body and subconscious mind.  I do not know about the neurophone.  I have always felt alone, I’d love to find my people” he says.

“You have a responsibility to help the humans through your work, are you taking it serious?” 

“You need more physical fitness in your body.  You have to be doing yoga everyday.  You need to be strong physically to be able to stand up for what you need to do here.” 

He nods in understanding.