You made it to my website!  What a pleasure it is to have you here! 

Who am I? Danielle Haines, born and raised in Arizona.

I am here to bring some truth to parenting! I am here to shed some light on some of the areas that stress our systems the most, many unnecessary, and how they affect our overall health and the health of our children. I am here to help make connections to other healers, practitioners, to bring health awareness, diet and nutrition awareness, pregnancy birth and postpartum awareness, to bring consciousness upgrades through plant medicine, breath-work classes, community help, BodyTalk and other similar healing modalities, breast-milk sharing and communal child rearing activities. I am here to support women becoming mothers. Men becoming fathers and people becoming families. I am here to help families navigate how they want to gestate their babies, how they want to birth their babies, how they want to pediatrician their babies, how they want their immediate postpartum to unfold. I’m here to remind people how to ask for help. I’m here to support women in breastfeeding and baby-wearing. I’m here to help the babies feel loved when they are born and to give their parents permission to hold them close, sleep with them close and show them that the world, at least within their family, is safe. I’m here to work with practitioners who are brilliantly skilled to work with the development of our babies, especially since autism and sensory disorders are on the rise and are at astronomical levels. I’m here to show parents how to move their babies for brain development. I’m here to help families learn how to live in a home with out toxins and chemicals.

To have a strong future we need strong babies, to have strong babies we need strong mothers, to have strong mothers we need strong communities.
— Danielle Haines

Midwifery Services 

Midwifery care is a whole-body + mind approach.  We are so much more than just ladies with a baby in our uterus! We are POWERFUL, NORMAL, HARD WORKERS, STAY-AT-HOME-MOMS, BUSINESSWOMEN. We are PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, and ENERGETIC beings. And most of all: we are VESSELS for the next generation. 

Body Talk Sessions

Your body has an innate wisdom that knows how to heal.  BodyTalk is a technique that trains the practitioner to have a conversation with the innate wisdom, make connections that have not been made, shift blocks that are holding you back, release emotions and move forward.  Ready to hear what your body has to say!? I’m certain you’ll be humbled by your own deep wisdom.

Community Events

We need community!  Mamas need other mamas!  Kids need other kids! The community events are designed to help families connect and discover ways to support one another. Whether it’s gatherings at parks, retreats, or group hikes, we gather, we bring our authentic selves and together its better.  “I get by with a little help from my friends.


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