You made it to my website!  What a pleasure it is to have you here! 

Who am I? Danielle Haines, born and raised in Arizona.

You may find me taking pregnant mamas on full moon hikes with my son on my back, coffee-ing up after a birth so that I can keep going about my day, holding community meetings in a park, selling local organic produce off my front porch, providing prenatal care to a pregnant woman at our office, checking in on a newborn, teaching classes, doing a BodyTalk session or throwing a frisbee with friends to get some exercise and stress relief.  

I believe in living an authentic life. 

Much of our societal design takes us away from that.  We don’t have enough time for community, for potlucks, for exercise outdoors, for relaxation, for real family time.  I believe we can design our lives in such a way that we are surrounded by friends, healthy food, support, helping raise each others kids, or picking up the weight for a friend or a neighbor when we have the strength to do so. 

It takes a village.  

In September of 2015, ten months after I had my baby, I was hit with an amazing experience:  I posted a photo of me taken on day 3 postpartum, holding my baby against my naked chest, and I spoke the truth about my postpartum experience.  The photo went viral! I had 99% positive feedback from women all over the WORLD, saying that they too felt that, that we need more support, that postpartum blues, overwhelm and depression is swept under the rug. They told me I gave them a voice to speak up too. Click here to see the photo. 

Women needed to hear the truth, needed connection, needed to read other mother’s experiences, needed to read the beautiful postpartum stories too, not just the intense ones, so that they didn’t feel alone.

My calling to bring community together continues to grow stronger every day.

To have a strong future we need strong babies, to have strong babies we need strong mothers, to have strong mothers we need strong communities.
— Danielle Haines

Danielle Haines | Midwife & BodyTalk Practitioner | Phoenix, AZ

Midwifery Services 

Midwifery care is a whole-body + mind approach.  We are so much more than just ladies with a baby in our uterus! We are POWERFUL, NORMAL, HARD WORKERS, STAY-AT-HOME-MOMS, BUSINESSWOMEN. We are PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, and ENERGETIC beings. And most of all: we are VESSELS for the next generation. 


BodyTalk Sessions

Your body has an innate wisdom that knows how to heal.  BodyTalk is a technique that trains the practitioner to have a conversation with the innate wisdom, make connections that have not been made, shift blocks that are holding you back, release emotions and move forward.  Ready to hear what your body has to say!? I’m certain you’ll be humbled by your own deep wisdom.


Community Events

We need community!  Mamas need other mamas!  Kids need other kids! The community events are designed to help families connect and discover ways to support one another. Whether it’s gatherings at parks, retreats, or group hikes, we gather, we bring our authentic selves and together its better.  “I get by with a little help from my friends.


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